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night in tunisia

I've had fun learning a new thing -- tunisian crochet!  I found this weird long hook at the thrift store a while back and for 69 cents I couldn't resist...  I dug around in The Happy Hooker and found instructions for how to do this odd hybrid between crocheting and knitting (it's sometimes called afghan stitch) and thought, hey, that looks cool!  It's super easy, makes a sturdy fabric with a cool basketweavey look on one side (cross stitch, anyone?) and the other side looks like purls, which I love...

Not sure what I want to make with it yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something (I might even try my hand at cross stitch, hmm...).

trippin' hats

I've been away on a wonderful holiday in Vermont! The leaves were fantastic and inspired me to start some autumn colourways for my Christmas knitting...

Since Vermont is all the way across the continent from me, I spent rather a lot of time in airports, which means I had to find things to knit. I finished these two hats, coming and going (grey slouchy one for me, stripey beanie for my daughter who is lookin' cute modeling both):

sunset stole

I was gleeful to find that the remainder of that salvaged orange 'n pink mohair knit up into such a large piece:  I used simple garter stitch and BIG needles (12 mm) to make this wrap, which, when finished reminded of of the exact colour of a sunset I remember watching over Slave Lake in northern Alberta.

It's feather-light and warm as mohair should be.  Yum.