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Mitts knit flat

I decided to try something different, and because I enjoy knitting on two needles sometimes, I figured out how to knit mitts on them in no time flat.  ;)

I simply cast on between 28 and 36 stitches (depends on your gauge, size of yarn, needle size, etc.) and rib-knit for a few centimeters. Then I continued in stockinette stitch until it was as tall as my tallest (er, middle) finger.

I reduced in the usual way, by knitting two together until I was down to only two stitches and pulling the yarn through to bind them, and then I started sewing down the seam (with the mitt inside-out) until I got to the place where my thumb would start.

I then picked up 5 to 6 (depends on size, again) stitches on one side, knit them back, and picked up 5-6 more on the other. I knit the thumb flat until it was the right length and reduced in the same way I did for the hand.

I sewed the thumb seam on the outside of the thumb (though the mitt was inside out when I did it -- this is important so the seam look…