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New Etsy offerings!

Here are a few offerings from my new Etsy store postings.  I had fun taking these at the park!  (Do you like my new buzz-cut?)  ;)

Getting ready for Fall..

I'm re-vamping my Etsy store and taking stock of all my supplies..  I want to have a very crafty winter!  I'm thinking of branching out in to some upcycling of knitted items and incorporating some cool non-knit materials into them as well.  I've been collecting junk all summer (like buttons and bits of oilcloth, scraps of pretty cloth and ribbons.. ).  Fun!  Now, to actually MAKE something with them!

I'd also like to share two cool things I discovered this spring.  The first is a blog called Prick Your Finger , which is for a yarn shop and gallery in Bethnal Green (UK).  It's given me sooo many ideas; check it out!

The second is a cool new-to-me craft which is actually an ancient craft called nalbinding.  My Dad answered my plea for someone to make me some nalbinding needles, and I really want to at least try this over the winter.

Soooo much to do!  I better get off the computer, now..  ;)