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two variations on a fair isle hat

Well, yesterday was Christmas, and it was definitely a hat-year here. I'd tried my hand at fair isle and really enjoyed it, knitting up several hats quickly, (in between three more Jayne Cobb hats for each of my family, heh).

I'd originally made this hat for Alex:

As you can see, it fits our daughter quite nicely. :P It was, in fact, too small for his big head, so... I dug out some Bernat Alpaca Blend and after we'd finished present-opening and my hands were itching to hold the needles, I made this, much bigger hat for him:

The cool thing about this one was I decided to forgo using dpns to finish the decreases, and found my shorter, 12" circular needle, transferring it onto that when the 16" got too tight. It meant I couldn't knit the tube down quite as small as usual, but it still looked great when I pulled it all together and was a bit faster than using the dpns. I don't think I'd do this with a finer weight yarn but it worked great for bulky.…

attack of the christmas skater pirates, arrrrrrr!

I just finished this great hat for my daughter for Christmas:

I slightly modified this pattern:  (pdf file)   leaving out the inner ear-band liner and making the smaller version. The fair isle was really easy and looks great!

Merry Sushi!