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garter with a twist

Here is my second original design for a scarf -- enjoy!

KiKi's Garter with a Twist scarf

I like how using garter instead of stockinette as a background to the cables not only makes this scarf look a bit more rugged, but allows it to lie flat without any blocking. I think the stripes give it bit of a Dr. Seuss-y punk feel, but it would look equally stylin' in a solid colour.

This is a good beginner's cable project.

6 mm needles
2 skeins salvaged worsted weight yarn in pale rose and darker rose colours (or two skeins in one colour if desired, but it's often easier to find random skeins of yarn in different colours.)
cable needle

k = knit
p = purl
C6F: slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work, knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle.
C6B: slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle.

CO 28 in darker colour

row 1 - k6, p6, k4, p6, k6

makin' orange rabbit tracks

All done!  I just had to add the pink double crocheted border, 'cause I love doing that kind of thing.  (Deets here.)

pot 'o gold

Well, actually, bowl 'o orange...

Lookit what I found at the thrift store yesterday for only $2.99! Two skeins of orange mohair and a ball of pink!! Just in time for autumn knitting...
Pattern idea from here. I love autumn.

rollin' with it

I've designed my first original pattern (that I want to admit to, anyway).  Here it is, ta da!  Enjoy...

Reefer Madness:  roll your own stockinette scarf

This scarf is simple and makes a subtly subversive statement.  It's an ideal beginner's project, or something soothing to knit when your fingers are itching but your mind needs a holiday, or you can knit it in the park while discussing Timothy Leary.  It's that kind of scarf.

Salvaged worsted yarn, any type, in off-white and a nice leafy shade of green.  Try for 2 skeins of white and you'll only need a half-skein, at most, of the green stuff.
Size 10 1/2 US (7 mm) straight needles

stockinette stitch
row 1:  knit
row 2:  purl
rinse, lather and keep repeating these two rows

Cast on 30 stitches in off-white

Knit, for as long as your attention span lasts, in stockinette, or until it's just about long enough.

Change to leafy green and knit some more.  Not too much, just enough so some is peeking out.

Bind off and w…

new endeavours

My new Etsy store opened today, yay!

I've mostly got small things up there but I'm working on more, especially socks and scarves. I also have ideas for unusual knits.

Here's some of the crocheted and knit rings I made today. Check it out!

making fu!

This is the pattern that got me wanting to make scarves, and now I'm finally making it!  The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in Azalea.  I LOVE the bats! 

scarf stylin' and some yummy yellow yarn

Here is my version of Midwest Moontlight, completed!  It's fulla mistakes and you can't even tell, Wh00t!
Project deets are here.

A few weeks ago, my friend Susan gave me a big bag of old yarn her sister-in-law had given her.  I just love how people dig out their old yarn when you tell them you knit, hee! 

Anyway, in amongst the dust-bunnies I found a big bag of raw wool ready for spinning, hm...  and I also found some lovely fingering weight wool that I've stashed.  I'll probably make socks out of the bits and pieces of darker wool, but there were a couple of unwound skeins in blue and yellow that will make lovely scarves.  Here is the yellow; it's a pretty, buttery colour and should knit up soft and light.  Yay!


Here's a quick crocheted scarf I made for Abigail, who wanted something lacy with rainbow pride colours to wear anywhere.  She lives in Texas, so I made this skinny and light and it can also be used as a belt! 

I used bits from my stash, and worked in single crochet, lengthwise, leaving the ends as fringe. Easy and cute!

midwest moonlight

Here's my next scarf, currently on the needles:

It's Midwest Moonlight, one of the patterns from Pam Allen's Scarf Style. I'm using Bernat's Satin worsted (Star Dust) and US size 7 needles. I'd like to make this in a natural fibre blend but this is good practice for me in counting and working yarnovers.

love of green cables

I stayed up late finishing this scarf... the pattern is a simple cable design, from here, but I added a cute crocheted picot edge instead of a fringe.