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Cotton granny square summer scarf

A while ago, I acquired some brightly coloured cotton yarn and started making granny squares out of it (something I like to do in my spare time because it's fast and fun). However, I also really have a hard time sewing anything, so whenever I make these little suckers, I usually have them sitting around a long time before I work up the energy to stitch them into something -- which is too bad, because I love the way they look. Anyway, I decided to quit while I was ahead on this batch and stitched them together into a scarf which I then finished with a couple of rows of single-chain crocheted edging. Cute!

And here's a nice video on how to make a basic granny square (though there are many lovely variations to be found).

Finished raglan cardigan with crocheted detail

It's finished! And I'm pleased with the crocheted bit on the buttonholes. I'll definitely be making more variations on Laura Chau's Easy Top-down Raglan Cardigan. This was really just made with scraps and bits from my yarn stash, so now I want to go get some pretty worsted wool and try another version, maybe with some lace?

Raglan cardigan: on my needles

A late-summer cardigan is just what I needed for relaxing knitting while I laze away the remainder of my summer, anticipating working in an air-conditioned office in the fall. This is my adaptation of Laura Chau's Easy Top-down Raglan Cardigan, and I can vouch for the fact that it is indeed both of these things! I'm looking forward to the finishing with a bit of a surprise (and buttons).

Raglan madness

Okay, I tend to go a little crazy when I find a pattern I like a lot -- especially when it's one that's easy to knit while doing other things, like listening to podcasts of Stuff you Missed in History Class. 

This is a pullover (the colour block one is finished; the green stripey one is in progress) from a knitting book I picked up second-hand last month (Best of Knitscene, by Lisa Shroyer, 2011). The pattern is simple but adaptable, and best of all, it uses worsted-weight yarn, which is my favourite, as it knits up fast. I'll be making more of these over the fall....

Summer Pride shawls

Finally, I'm posting some pics of the knitting I've done this summer (some still in progress).

First are two shawls I made for Pride festival, using a simple pattern, the Dovetail Scarf from Purl Soho (which is here for free).

I really like how they both look together, with the rainbows reversed. I used cotton worsted I bought from the dollar store, because I couldn't resist the selection of rainbow yarn.