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another little thing

Ok, I promise to stop posting pics of coffee cup warmers.  It was so cute, though!

How about a free pattern?

CO 36 st (worsted weight yarn) and distribute on 3 dpns
rib (2k, 2p) for about 2 cm
k for about 6 cm
rib (2k, 2p) for about 2 more cm

If you like, use another colour yarn to create a fair isle pattern, or stripes (just be careful to knit your pattern loosely, so you can still stretch the cuff around the cup).  This is also a great way to make wrist cuffs, and to practice colour patterning on a small scale.  It uses up scraps pretty well, too.  ;)

upcycled lunar luck!

I upcycled!

I've been looking for an excuse to combine crocheting/knitting with paper to upcycle some of the cool thingies I've been saving.. Here is a wee pouch I made that just fits business cards (or other small, flat treasures) made from a Lunar New Year Chinese lucky money envelope. Embellished with a lucky red button!

softig 3-corner hat

I wanted a cosy, soft hat that actually looked good on me. I had some soft, bamboo-blend yarn, and a few minutes between teaching online classes to do some stranded colour-work. I didn't want to change to dpn's. :P

The result was a three-cornered, soft hat that I bound off and crocheted closed (with twisty ends). It looks great on me, but taking a pic of myself wearing it is next to impossible, so here's what it looks like off of my head..

cozy as can be

I'm on a coffee-cup-cosy kick.

I had a lot of very soft, scrap bits of bamboo-blend yarns that needed using up, and I figured I should knit them into something that would be touched alot.

It also looks pretty good worn on my wrist..  so I'll never be without my coffee cosy when I'm downtown!