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Knit table napkins

I dislike paper napkins, and I'm not much for sewing, so I thought: why not knit some? I have a bunch of light, sport weight cotton in various colours, and with my skinniest needles (I admit, they're two slightly different sizes, 3.25 and 3.5 mm) I started a plain, stockinette square.

I used 50-65 long-tail CO stitches (the number doesn't matter too much; I used different initial cast-ons because some of my yarn was thinner, some thicker) with a 4-knit-stitch border all-round to discourage curling. For example:

CO 50 st. K first 4 rows in knit stitch.
Switch to stockinette: K one RS rows, P WS rows, but K first 4 st of each row and K last 4 st of each row on WS to form a knit border.
Do this until napkin is more or less a square, then K four more rows in knit stitch and BO.

Next, I'll look for a linen blend (and maybe matching-sized needles!) to make another batch.

Moving-week sock

We've spent two weeks moving to a new place -- packing, painting, unpacking.... I haven't found all my knitting supplies yet, but I was itching to get at my needles, so I made this sock -- mostly by memory, which was pretty cool! It's a bit bunchy and the lace looks a little weird, but I'm satisfied for now. And I have enough yarn for a second one, whew.