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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only knitter/crocheter who spends as much time looking at projects online as they do making them. I have a few favourites I keep coming back to again and again -- sometimes for free patterns and sometimes just for the eye candy and inspiration. Here, in no particular order, is my list of current faves. What are yours?

Fringe Association -- I love the photos, the stories, and the tutorials are really, really helpful. I could browse this blog for hours (possibly on my coffee breaks at work, ahem).

Purl Soho -- There are tons of free patterns on here in sumptuous colours, and you can purchase materials and patterns as well. The designs are simple, so I admit I've adapted a few of them (posting one soon, actually)!

Brooklyn Tweed -- I can get lost in their lookbooks for hours, and their yarn is amazing. Bonus that my LYS in Victoria now carries it!

Westknits -- Stephen West is just the funnest knitter out there right now, and the dressiest. Plus who doe…

Summer sunset drop stitch scarf

I always come back to scarves for comfort knitting -- but really, scarves make any outfit look amazing. This was a yarn my sweetie picked out when we were in Portland this winter, and I'm finally getting it finished, in time for summer. Fortunately, it's a squooshy, summery cotton that's going to feel and look amazing with summer dresses and t's, like a warm sunset on your shoulders.