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Weekly WIP: In the forest, on an island...

I'm knitting in a cabin in the woods on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Socks are necessary.

Forest colours garter shawl

This triangular, top-down shawl was such a pleasure to knit, mainly because of the anticipation I felt watching the colour pallette unfold from my homemade self-striping yarn ball made from small nubbins of leftover wool worsted.

I tied the nubbins together for this shawl, using a weavers knot (great video tutorial here) so there are teeny knot bits throughout, but I think that just makes it look rustic. Anyway, I like it.

Wavy fan hat

I'm done that hat, and while it doesn't look exactly like the one in the shop, it's pretty nifty. I'm happy with the results of combining the classic feather and fan lace pattern with heavy worsted yarns and knitting it in the round. Now I want to try this one with different yarn, and maybe a pom pom? :)

Colour block neckerchief

I'm all done that slip stitch wip I started in September, and I think it's very cute.  I used a combination of soft cotton, bamboo and bamboo/merino scraps, so it turned out plushy and light.

Weekly WIP: That Hat I Saw in a Shop

I just happened to see a feather-and-fan patterned cap while strolling through the mall on my way to work the other day and felt a sudden urge. 

Cherry Pop Fair Isle Sweater

A short-sleeved raglan pullover with a bit of fair isle detail at the yoke to brighten the coming winter.

I'm pretty happy with how the colour changes integrated at the raglan increases along the sleeves, but honestly, I didn't pay too much attention to getting them neatly lined up.