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Showing posts from August, 2015

Sweet little shawl -- free pattern

This was super fun to knit in the Malabrigo worsted yarn I bought at Fibrations earlier this month. Better yet, the pattern was free on Ravelry! It's called Curlew, and it knit up very quickly, in a couple of days. I used the entire skein and a bit of a contrasting colour for the bottom lace section.

Lacy, airy, yellow and blue

Garter stitch knit up surprisingly quickly with crochet cotton with this simple scarf. I bound off the length and picked up stitches at the end to create the vertical stripes.

Favourite tea pot cosy

My favourite pot got a custom garter-stitch cosy. I winged the pattern, in the round. I should post it soon, though.

Soft spring afghan

This is really just a huge granny square, crocheted in fine/DK weight soft wool yarn. I love the colours.

Circular weaving on a knitting loom

This was fun, and easy!