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On my needles (or, what do the Burgess Shale and Glenda Jackson have in common?)

I love the feather & fan lace pattern. I've decided I like the alternate name, "old shale", even better (because it makes me think of the Burgess Shale, and beautiful, fractal-like, ancient creatures?).

At any rate, vintage colours and patterns are turning me on bigtime right now, so this stole is not only a way to use up scraps of stash, but a colour-homage to 1920s experimental, dramatic colourways...

Sort of like something Glenda Jackson might have worn in Women In Love..

finding crafting space in a house full of people

I've been knitting (and crocheting) as a serious hobby for about 4 years and lo and behold, I have accumulated equipment!  Not a LOT of equipment (fortunately, you can knit with two chopsticks and some string if need be) but I like to have things handy when I feel the urge.  I also live in a house with two teenage girls and a delightful roommate (also a knitter!), and I tend to host a lot of dinner parties..  so while finding space to knit isn't difficult (I can knit happily in a corner or on the bus), finding room for my stash and equipment and books is a bit tougher.

My office (I work a lot of the time online) is in my bedroom, and after some juggling I figured out I could create a craft corner in my room as well.  Here it is!  (see above)

I also have various bins of stash tucked strategically around the house (I love plastic bins):

See how much salvaged yarn I have?  Thrift stores are awesome.

This way, no matter what part of the house I'm in (well, except maybe the ba…