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Fall means.. soup, sox and snuggles!

Autumn is here on the West Coast.  Too soon, most of us think -- but at least we still have sunshine, green leaves, and plenty of squirrels tossing nuts down on our heads as we walk down the streets.

I'm spending today making soup for my sweetie, who's feeling a touch of autumn-chill (spicy chicken with plenty of garlic, ginger and gai lan) while knitting some one-size-fits-all heel-less socks (note impromptu fair isle pattern on the cuff).

I'm also contemplating hopping on the bed and cuddling up with my friends, Kanga and Roo (hand-knit by my Mom when my sister and I were somewhat smaller than we are now), Ramses (the cuddly ram) and Pooh (my oldest stuffed toy).  Alas, I have to teach English to a Japanese student online after dinner..