Monday, February 23, 2009

last of the xmas knits

I just found out my sister in Singapore received my gifties (mail can be slow, sigh) so here's what I made her:

A light, lace cotton ascot (with a crocheted fringe):

And a cotton, tunisian crocheted teatowel (I was practicing on this, and I really like how thick it turned out):

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

feral socks*

I figured it was time for me to live up to my name (and ok, my feet were chilly).

Behold, my rough & ready, "Look what I did with those bits of woolen yarn from the freestore!", Gulf Island, double-strander woolen socks!

These socks are so thrifty and self-sufficient, they practically knit themselves (just don't let them interbreed with your domestic fishnet stockings in the sock drawer).

*because knitting puns amuse me

Fluffygothy Improvisation Sweater

Yes, it's spring (see the hydrangeas?) and yes, I'm knitting a black sweater, with stripes of fuzz. What of it? I'm a rebel.