I <3 wristwarmers...

Ok, I knit a LOT of wristwarmers when I first started out, but I had fun thinking up new designs. Here are two variations on camo warmers using a ginormous ball of discount yarn I got from The Store Who Must Not Be Named (eek, it's Waldemart...).

The opera-warmers are k2p2 rib with crocheted ruffles, and the shorties are a mix of garter, stockinette and k2p2 rib. Both are knit flat and sewn up to create the thumbhole -- simple and elegante!

Here is an obligatory dog pic (Lexie the dog was borrowed from my friend, Nance). It was taken at a favourite beach on Denman Island, at a sacred burial site (no, just kidding -- I dunno why that cross is there). My older daughter is wearing the short camo warmers.


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