rollin' with it

I've designed my first original pattern (that I want to admit to, anyway).  Here it is, ta da!  Enjoy...

Reefer Madness:  roll your own stockinette scarf

This scarf is simple and makes a subtly subversive statement.  It's an ideal beginner's project, or something soothing to knit when your fingers are itching but your mind needs a holiday, or you can knit it in the park while discussing Timothy Leary.  It's that kind of scarf.

Salvaged worsted yarn, any type, in off-white and a nice leafy shade of green.  Try for 2 skeins of white and you'll only need a half-skein, at most, of the green stuff.
Size 10 1/2 US (7 mm) straight needles

stockinette stitch
row 1:  knit
row 2:  purl
rinse, lather and keep repeating these two rows

Cast on 30 stitches in off-white

Knit, for as long as your attention span lasts, in stockinette, or until it's just about long enough.

Change to leafy green and knit some more.  Not too much, just enough so some is peeking out.

Bind off and weave in ends.

Allow scarf to roll naturally; under no circumstances do you block this baby.  Wear insouciantly or defiantly, depending on your mood.

Please use this pattern for peace and not war.

~KiKiOriginal design~


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