scarf stylin' and some yummy yellow yarn

Here is my version of Midwest Moontlight, completed!  It's fulla mistakes and you can't even tell, Wh00t!
Project deets are here.

A few weeks ago, my friend Susan gave me a big bag of old yarn her sister-in-law had given her.  I just love how people dig out their old yarn when you tell them you knit, hee! 

Anyway, in amongst the dust-bunnies I found a big bag of raw wool ready for spinning, hm...  and I also found some lovely fingering weight wool that I've stashed.  I'll probably make socks out of the bits and pieces of darker wool, but there were a couple of unwound skeins in blue and yellow that will make lovely scarves.  Here is the yellow; it's a pretty, buttery colour and should knit up soft and light.  Yay!


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