scrap strata crocheted scarf

I love using up scraps with my crochet hook.  While I view knitting as a process of slowly unfolding a fabric creation out of a single strand of yarn, I feel like crocheting is more like sculpting:  a process where I can build on what I've already constructed in many different shapes and directions.  Both processes are organic and flowing, but they engage different parts of my brain.

Anyway, philosophy aside, I do love using up odd bits with my crochet hook because I never know how it's going to turn out.  In this case, I simply cast on a long chain of one colour and crocheted in random fashion, sometimes using single, sometimes double, and sometimes a slip stitch, to create the effect of uneven layers of colour.

To finish, I added some double crochet flaps knit the other direction on both ends, and a long fringe for added bohemian-ish-ness.  This is not a scarf for the flair-wary!  (Incidentally, it goes smashingly with the fair isle warmers in my previous post).  I guess this was sort-of a free pattern (or a loose, Zimmerman-esque how-to).


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