finding crafting space in a house full of people

Wip's (for the curious, clockwise from top left):  Mrs. Fisher's Slippers, garter wrist warmers laid atop a bong warmer (yes, I did say "bong warmer") and a merino, ribbed fisherman's cap.

Shorter (and circular)  needles in a bin, buttons, ribbons, thread and small knitting notions  in various containers, a lovely quilted stash bag my Mom made me for Christmas, long straight needles in the whiskey cannister, some old socks that need darning, mints for freshness and my computer speaker for inspirational music..

I've been knitting (and crocheting) as a serious hobby for about 4 years and lo and behold, I have accumulated equipment!  Not a LOT of equipment (fortunately, you can knit with two chopsticks and some string if need be) but I like to have things handy when I feel the urge.  I also live in a house with two teenage girls and a delightful roommate (also a knitter!), and I tend to host a lot of dinner parties..  so while finding space to knit isn't difficult (I can knit happily in a corner or on the bus), finding room for my stash and equipment and books is a bit tougher.

My office (I work a lot of the time online) is in my bedroom, and after some juggling I figured out I could create a craft corner in my room as well.  Here it is!  (see above)

I also have various bins of stash tucked strategically around the house (I love plastic bins):

Mostly wool (hiding from moths) including sock yarn and some unspun rovings, plus granny squares to spare!

Yummy novelty yarns and various salvaged stash, plus a peek at part of my bookshelf (not knitting books, though).

See how much salvaged yarn I have?  Thrift stores are awesome.

This way, no matter what part of the house I'm in (well, except maybe the bathroom or the kitchen) I have either yarn or needles or wip's in front of me to inspire (or trip over).


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