Need plaid? No problem! Here's a quick, garter-stitch hipster fix.

Fall is full of plaid this year, and I wanted to knit a scarf rather than weave one. Fortunately, so did Knitty's Franklin Habit, with this easy-to-follow cowl pattern. But I wanted an actual scarf, so I adapted the pattern to just make one, long, garter-stripey scarf, and lo! I made plaid! You could easily weave in the side-ends where you start the new garter-stitch colours, but I left them as a short fringe, to make it look more weave-y. I finished it off by adding a few extra fringes to fill out each end. Hipsters should be impressed, and it's just in time for the holidays.

*Pattern note: Make sure that every time you start to knit a new colour, you start on the same side so your garter rows get those extra "wrong side" lines all on the same side of the scarf. They add to the plaid look.


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