Waste Knot Thanksgiving weekend shawl (free recipe-pattern)

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and this is what I do when I'm waiting for turkey to cook:

And here's the recipe: I tied together about 25 tiny balls of leftover stash yarn I'd been saving up, starting from the largest to the smallest and wound them into a ball as I went (so the smallest was on top). I didn't worry about leaving the tiny knotted ends sticking up, because I'm proud I used up my scraps in this shawl.

I got a large-sized circular needle (about US size 12, and 32" cord) because this was mostly worsted yarn, and I wanted the knit to be loose and soft.

I cast on 8 stitches and placed a marker smack dab in the middle (between stitch number 4 and 5). Then I knit back and forth in knit stitch, 3 rows.

*On the fourth row, I slipped the first stitch purlwise with yarn in back, knit one, made one (with a yarnover, so I had a nice big lacy gap) knit to one before the marker, made one (again, with a yarnover), knit one, slipped the marker, knit one, made one (yo), knit to 2 before the end, made one (yo), knit 2.

*On the fifth row, I slipped the first stitch purlwise with yarn in back and knit all the way to the end (so 4 stitches increased once the yarnovers from the previous row were all knit).

I then repeated rows *4 and *5 until my yarn ball was done. I grabbed a new skein of black worsted to knit a few more rows of the same pattern and then bound off loosely.

I stopped intermittently to check on my turkey, had a few sips of something bubbly, and admired my thrifty work with gratitude.

Happy weekend to everyone!


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